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Are you a VIP?

Don’t worry, you don't have to be a famous celebrity to be a VIP. Everyone has the potential to consider themselves a VIP. For example a child is a very important person to their parents. Cn is here to help those who consider themselves worthy of succeeding in life. Whatever your business or personal needs, Cn will help you achieve your goals and feel better for it.

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Working with Cn is a true pleasure. The professionalism, design, work ethic and overall quickness is incredible. I strongly recommend Cn for any website development or maintenance needs. You will not find anyone as fair, honest and reliable.

Connie Beaulieu

Why Cn?

Cn (Christian Jacques Bennett) is a goal driven consultant for VIPs. His main aim is to help people and organisations feel better through progressive results based actions which lead to the achievement of goals.

He has worked with a range of fantastic clients & teams over many years. He will help you achieve any agreed goal or your money back.

He’s been following digital trends since the internet began and his experience will save you time and money as well as generate maximum results.

Loving to be creative he has a passion for building websites and has used WordPress since it launched. The same can be said for platforms like Google and all the key social networks. 

Cn has worked across industries, managed billion pound projects, developed and marketed websites for entrepreneurs, celebrities, organisations, a global bank and many small businesses. Whatever goals you have, he will not rest until they are achieved.

Since his divorce he has developed a specific passion for helping people overcome challenging situations. He now offers both digital and life consulting services. So whatever your situation in business - or in your personal life - Cn has the skills and credibility to bring you the success and happiness you deserve.

Focus and quality are paramount to offering a bespoke VIP service and so Cn carries on being successful by maintaining a capped number of clients. This enables him to maintain a friendly and professional relationship which continues growing right from the start. Clients feel confident knowing what they need will always be delivered on time and to a sensible budget. Honesty and values sit at the heart of Cn's service. 

You are always welcome to make first contact to see what bespoke solutions Cn can provide for your particular business or life situation.

FEEL4® | Feel Better

Cn created a four step formula for guaranteed success.

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Cn specializes in the WordPress framework 

... his experience saves you time and money!

Google Sites

Cn specializes in the Google Sites 

... why pay for hosting when you don't have to?


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Cn's clients consist of VIPs, corporations, celebrities, entrepreneurs, small businesses, marketers